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1. Magnifying Glass Pendant
Magnifying glass with both having fashion item function and practicality which is usually used for jewelry and can be used as magnifying glass opening the cover if needed.

- Size : 40mm, 50mm
- Color : gold, silver, blac
- Description : frame with point jewels(left), frame with collaboration of various colorful jewels(right)

2. Men Magnifying Glass
Men’s suits can be plugged into a handkerchief and a simple clip-on magnifier designed to be a point in look and elegant design of a magnifying glass.

- Description : frame combined with a handkerchief(left), clip-on type designed to put on the pocket(right)

3. Leather Magnifying Glass
The combination of a magnifying glass and a leather pouch designed for convenience and a magnifying glass for easy storage magnifying glass.

- Description : featured with circular leather pouch and a ring designed to hang key or bag(left)
featured with square leather pouch and a long strap designed to suspend in a bag(right)

4. Paperweight Magnifying Glass
Paperweight and magnifier that combine the functionality of the weight and design added beauty and luxury of decorative magnifying glass is also available.

- Description : frame with bird ornament(first),  frame with crocodile ornament(second),  frame with angel ornament(third)

5. Stand Magnifying Glass
Can build anywhere and under capable of separating the magnifying glass are convenient to use.

- Description : detachable structure with conical design(left), detachable structure with melting down chocolate design(right)

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